Tires for the 2020 Dakar

For the 2020 Dakar, BFGoodrich® will provide its partners and the other runners with which it works with two types of tire conceived to match the advanced technology of today’s cross-country rally cars across the wide spectrum of conditions competitors are poised to come across during the two-week, 5,000-kilometer adventure in Saudi Arabia which is hosting the event for the very first time.

Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Peninsula’s biggest country, is the 30th different nation to see Dakar action and BFGoodrich®’s tires will be looking to conquer the Rub' al Khali – literally ‘Empty Quarter – which is a vast expanse of practically unexplored desert.

Tires will need to cope with the Dakar’s punishing trademark combination of dunes, different types of ground, sharp stones and rocks and big temperature differences which make the world’s most famous cross-country rally-raid a mine of information for the brand’s engineers who use this extreme proving ground to develop top-performing all-terrain tires for tomorrow.


KDR2+1 BFGoodrich


The 2020 Dakar will see BFGoodrich® will provide its partners with two types of tire…

The BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KDR2+: a proven Dakar winner

For the 42nd running of the Dakar, BFGoodrich® will provide its partners with a tire which is not only capable of covering the staggering variety of conditions competitors can expect in January, but which is also designed to suit both two- and four-wheel drive cars and all types of driving style.

The BFGoodrich® All Terrain T/A KDR2+ will be available in a choice of two compounds (soft and medium) and two sizes:

  • 16 inches (245/80-16), for all-wheel drive vehicles
  • 17 inches (37/12.5-17), for two-wheel-drive buggies.

Thanks to its exceptional versatility, sand-clearance capacity and resistance to knocks, the BFGoodrich® All Terrain T/A KDR2+ reigned supreme on the 2018 and 2019 Dakars and will enable BFGoodrich®’s partners to hit next January’s trail in Saudi Arabia with complete confidence.

KM3 FINAL - BFGoodrich

The BFGoodrich® KM3: the latest addition to the brand’s off-road range

The BFGoodrich® KM3 made its maiden competitive appearance in the course of 2018 and is designed for off-road driving enthusiasts. In addition to benefiting from experience acquired in the extreme conditions encountered in cross-country rallying, it features a number of new technologies that combine to deliver superior performance.

The BFGoodrich® KM3 comes in a wide choice of sizes that cater for 75 percent of the market, including five that were introduced in 2019 for the fast-expanding SSV market.  

It was put through its paces on the Dakar for the first time in by such seasoned campaigners as Christian Lavieille (Toyota Body Auto), as well as by SSV runners Annett Fisher and Andrea Peterhansel.

The BFGoodrich® KM3 was chosen by six of the 16 SSV entries on the 2019 Rallye du Maroc where it provided an eloquent illustration of its strength, grip durability and versatility as it took the challenging Moroccan terrain in its stride to explore new limits all the way to the finish line!



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